Tron (TRX) vs Ripple (XRP): Better cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

Tron (TRX) vs Ripple (XRP): Better cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

After Bitcoin and Ethereum being the most hyped cryptocurrency in the market, there’s a new wave for variant investments. Experts have two more altcoins for the effective source of payment adoption, donations, and cross-border transactions. Let’s dig deeper to know which cryptocurrency is better to invest in 2021; Tron vs Ripple.


What is Tron (TRX)

Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform which is aimed to build a free, global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology, and allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content. 

Tron was introduced in the world in the month of September 2017. A Singapore-based non-profit organization called the Tron Foundation founded it. It is being managed by CEO Justin Sun and he has hired an in-house development team to work on renowned technology like stalwarts. You need to know more about the Tron network, its workings, and its cryptocurrency Tronix (TRX).

An interested person can purchase Tronix on exchanges like Liqui and Binance in exchange for other cryptocurrencies like ETH or BTC. The purchased currencies can be stored in the wallet of your choice. For example, Ethereum has a wallet of its own supporting blockchain called MyEtherWallet. Tronix can be used by content consumers to be selective about the content they wish to consume and pay accordingly. These purchased coins would directly go to the content producers’ accounts, which can be used for the exchange of other cryptocurrencies or can be used to pay for blockchain services.


What is Ripple (XRP)?

Ripple is also an asset formed digitally to make payments. It is an open-source ledger for digital transactions without any permission and the decentralized blockchain technology that can process any transactions within the time span of 3-5 seconds. XRP does not require any central entity, making it easy to use, away from hassle exchange between two currencies much more quickly and effectively. 

Ripple XRP is considered one of the fastest, cost-effective, and more accessible than any other digital asset, both XRP and XRP ledger are used to power innovative technologies across all payment spaces. Ripple is brought into the market with the thought of unleashing new utility for XRP and transforming them into global payments. Third parties are also appreciated to pursue other XRP related use cases. 

Ripple XRP is founded by a San-Francisco-based company called Ripple, offering some blockchain-based remittance services. The company is working in the field of the crypto-blockchain market since 2012 and supports different financial entities. It also supports banks to provide cross-border services a reasonable and effective way. Ripple also encourages banks to employ cryptocurrency XRP by enabling it with its remittance-oriented products such as xRapid as a smart move. 


Ripple’s XRP stands on the third-largest spot in terms of market capitalization. Currently XRP is calculated to be an $11.29 Billion market cap while Tron captures $1.06 market capitalization. 

Tron is currently standing as the thirteenth most significant cryptocurrency in terms of market cap – with the aim to revolutionize the fast-paced digital content entertainment system. The back support of Tron is dynamic entrepreneur Justin Sun, who has recently launched Sun network a scalability solution. 

These cryptocurrencies are yet to hit the highest expected mark, people working in teams behind these tokens are working relentlessly to outpace in the escalating crypto market. So, it means nothing that each crypto-coin in question here has its respective use-cases and these cryptocurrencies are here for the long run.

But no matter whether you’re holding Ripple, Tron, Litecoin, or any other cryptocurrency that’s going to bloom in coming years from 2021, you should know one thing: patience is the key. 


Tron is the future!

Why Tron is claimed as the Future:

Tron is an interesting initiative that has helped to boost a lot of potential milestones in the forthcoming years.

The offering provided by Tron was called Exodus in 2018; it was a free platform suitable for every type of investor and storage of content. At that time Exodus was not using blockchain technology but was working on a special web-based file system protocol that is created to support distributed form system. 

The next phase, called the Odyssey phase, went live around January 2019. Odyssey, which was planned to leverage the power of blockchain, involved monetary involvement to promote the creation and hosting of content on Tron.

They did not follow the old method of tracking clicks and views of the content being accessed; Odyssey planned to base the incentives producers through a method that depended on user interaction and user engagement with the provided content. It may be linked to a plan with the trick to tip someone –like a reward based on how impressive the content was perceived by the user. 

In the coming future, Tron is expected to have two more stages further down the line, called Star Trek (mid-2023) and Eternity (late-2025), where participants will have the freedom to create their decentralized gaming and predictive markets platforms, and also be able to raise captive funds. 


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