What is the future scope of Blockchain Technology?

What is the future scope of Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is the budding technology composed of blocks or chains. A blockchain is a distributed ledger. Which is created to record each and every transaction made. The permanent data is stored in different databases. The process of collecting and recording data is a completely transparent process. Anyone who is linked with the database is able to view or manage transactions.

Apart from financial sectors, Blockchain technology has future scope in many other sectors. 

Few Examples are:

  • Blockchain in Digital Advertising

Blockchain has provided a complete set of transparency to the supply chain as it helps to gather trust in an emotionless environment. Blockchain allows companies to grow correctly, by decreasing or deleting the number of nonessential in the supply chain.

Publishers also earn a huge percentage of the total advertisement dollars arriving in the ecosystem. The Blockchain technology is still in its initial phase. However, this technology needs to stay here as long as possible, and all the digital advertisement companies are waiting to see the response.

  • Blockchain in Cyber Security

Blockchain uses innovative cryptography technology to secure the data in encrypted form. Even when Blockchains is a public ledger. This helps to save data from any kind of alteration and misuse. 

  • Blockchain removes the third party

Blockchain is used to carry out a varied number of processes and techniques. The process here is so transparent that you don’t feel the need fora third party. But in cases like the mortgage industry,  corporate chances flourish for companies that can build applied Blockchain technologies.

The mortgage process currently in use needs a complicated web of title searches, insurance title, and uncountable minor transaction fees to keep the system actively running. This system is still carried out in the old school way because the transfer of any property or land still needs some kind of old records. 

  • Digital currencies approved by Government

Paper money is not a horse for the long run we all know that. It is also found that the authorized currency is facing severe competition by cryptocurrencies.


In 2017, it is observed that the price of Bitcoin hiked which was not a common sight for a single service or money. The paper currency is still one of the most valued properties to buy in the market. And the nation took notice, the price of Bitcoin Does not follow the concept of demand and supply.

With a fixed limit of twenty-one million units of Bitcoin, the need for Bitcoin will again climb at some point in the coming future. Because of the sudden rise, a few governments will also get encouraged to create their digital currencies. In order to participate in an open market.

  • Blockchain other than computing

 In the year 2017, blockchain technology immersed as a variety of options in the market. Currently, most countries are focusing on developing their own blockchain strategies to implement in the future. There are certain issues while addressing the financial securities. Blockchain will be useful to solve the matter.

Blockchain can also be put into use to generate registries used for medical purposes, to manage insurance policies, and to interrupt the functioning of useless data storage.

  • Blockchain for the world trade

Blockchain is an asset in the business world. It makes it easy for the company to track the supply chain of everything provided. It is a tedious task to calculate or track the shipment for a human. And no one can guarantee human error-free service. That’s why it is easy to register a cargo shipment in the future scope of blockchain technology.

Blockchain enables the parties involved in the job operation to keep an eye on the entire journey from start to end.

It is very helpful for customs agents to track down illegal or forbidden products. Like fake medicines, stale food products, false clothes reproduction, fake auto parts, electronic apparatus, and other piracy agents that are not allowed on the premises of the country.

  • Supply chain Management

 Blockchain technology is very helpful, it makes it possible to document the transaction in a very long distributed record, and manage the transactions more honestly and transparently.

The biggest plus point of this technology is that it is error-free and less time-consuming. It is also used to monitor costs, employment, and releases at each point of the supply chain. But this has a severe effect on understanding and monitoring the actual ecological impacts of products. Not only this the decentralized ledger can also be utilized to check the legitimacy or fair trade status of products by following them from their source.

  • The Blockchain in Forecasting

Technology in Blockchain is ready to revolutionize the traditional methodology for research, consulting, analysis and forecasting. The global distributed prediction markets are created with the help of online platforms.

  • Blockchain in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Networking

This future scope of blockchain technology does not require a central location to manage the communication between two companies; this technology will function as a public ledger for an obscene number of devices. These devices may communicate with each other to upgrade the software, handle the errors and observe energy practice.

  • Blockchain in cloud storage

A centralized server contains data that is easily exposed to hacking, loss of data, or human error. Blockchain technology can be used to make cloud storage more protected and robust against hacking.


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